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Emergency Services

Emergency Services
Emergency call 0143-47-0990
Dial the above number as far in advance as possible before coming. Then, tell us your name, birth date, symptoms, and approximate arrival time.
*Currently Accepting In Japanese only.
Hours After consultation hours for outpatients
After 11:00am, Weekdays
 -only after 14:30, Department of Dermatology
 -only after 16:00, Department of Otorhinolaryngology
*We will accept you at each department of outpatients within consultation hours.
Place Emergency Visit
*Do not park your cars nearby the emergency entrance, othereise they would obstruct the entry of ambulances carrying patients.
Cost Deposit the following amount for medical treatment during outside of consultation hours

 ・60,000 yen per adult
 ・30,000 yen per Pediatrics*

*Pediatrics: It is approximate 15 years-old or less, depending on types of diseases.
Adjusting an account, please come again to the reception desk on the 2nd floor from 8:50am to 5:25pm after tomorrow.
Doctors Acute care physician or doctors on night duty
*Please note that cancel or delay of treatments will occur because of priority to giving medical treatments to patients in need of emergency care or severely injured patients.
Other 1. We would offer you to come again from tomorrow, depending on your symptoms.
2. Emergency clinical test, only
3. Medicine is prescribed for a day.
*Please note that medicine for a day or closure days will be prescribed as an emergency procedure, in principle.



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